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Featured Reviews About "The Hurricane"

Annie Armen Testimonial | Zig Ziglar | “Annie Armen’s zest for life, her joy and conviction, are super charged with electrifying passion that translates into a radio program like none other.  When I think about Annie, I can’t help but get excited about how she is making a positive difference in our world one God motivated interview at a time!  If you listen to her even once, she’ll take you by storm"! 
~ Zig Ziglar, author of “See You At The Top”  
Annie Armen Speaking Testimonial | Denis Waitley | " Annie Armen is a national treasure!  If you want to connect your inner essence to your outer
achievements and fulfillment, listen to her soul-deep mentoring and reflections. She has that rare ability to speak directly to you on a personal level with life- changing impact!" ~ Denis Waitley, Author of “The Psychology of Wining”
Annie Armen Testimonial | Jack Canfield | “I’ve done a thousand radio interviews over the last 20 years, and The Annie Armen Show is one of the top 5 in the whole world that I would remember! One radio interview with ‘Hurricane Annie’ and your inner passion rises to an extra-ordinary level! Annie Armen, you not only interview the best of the best, but you passionately provoke the best out of the best with insightful excellence, and that is what makes you ‘The Human Hurricane’”. ~Jack Canfield, Famed Originator of Chicken Soup for The Soul® Series
Annie Armen Testimonial | Chris Gardner | "ANNIE ARMEN -- YOU CAN INTRODUCE ME ANYWHERE! I'm honored to be on your radio show"! ~ Chris Gardner, Author of New York Times Best Seller -- "The Pursuit of Happyness", and his latest book -- "Start Where You Are: Life Lessons in Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be"

Gardner was also the inspiration for the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness,” released by Columbia Pictures in December 2006. Will Smith starred as Gardner and received Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for his performance. Gardner was an associate producer on the film.
Annie Armen Testimonial | Atma Anur |
"The creative artist and the business professional have one basic thing in common... the need for inspiration.  Born a true Communications Artist, Annie Armen is committed to bless and inspire a passion planted by God and fueled by her Spirit.  As a performer and educator, I am expected to elevate those I am privileged to meet.  Annie Armen has done exactly this for me by pointing me back to the source of my gifts through her insight into the human condition.  It is because Annie’s communication skills cut to the heart of what inspires us to see -- for ourselves, for what needs to be done and how to do it -- this is my experience with Annie Armen!  She is an inspiring speaker and a soulful drummer with great energy -- a must for anyone looking to meet their goals in life! " ~Atma Anur, Celebrity Artist:
Drummer, Producer, Educator
Annie Armen Client Testimonial | Dr. Edward Group III |

"I have done many radio shows and public appearances and have never worked with someone as loyal and organized as Annie Armen. Not only is she a great person, she truly cares about her listeners, produces all programs, and speaks the truth, even if it is not readily accepted by the general public.

What sets Annie apart from others is her heart, and her gift in communicating your message in a relatable manner across barriers, helping you establish real connection with your target audience!  I have made a true friend in Annie for life. We need more people like Ms. Armen in the world who stand up for what they believe in and spread the TRUTH to the masses.

Annie, thank you for helping my dream become a reality! Everyday the work you do changes the lives of thousands of people.  I am truly blessed to have you in my life”! ~ Dr. Edward Group,
Author of
The Green Body Cleanse”   Founder, CEO and Clinical Director of Global Healing Center
Annie Armen Testimonial | Zahi Hawass | "I have done thousands of interviews near the pyramids of Giza but Annie Armen Live Television Show was remarkable! Annie brought my passion and love for archaeology live to everyone. Annie captured the magic and mystery of the Sphinx and the pyramids and endeared them to the hearts of her viewers. Annie’s interview questions were impressive and unique. She called me “The Last Pharaoh of Egypt” and referred to my hat as the “historical hat.” I thoroughly enjoyed Annie’s interview and I hope that everyone enjoyed seeing it". ~ Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary-General, Ministry of Culture, Supreme Council of Antiquities – Cairo, Egypt
Annie Armen Testimonial | Stephen M.R. Covey | “Annie, you are doing important work with your show and making meaningful contributions to society.  I admire your vision and passion and sense of mission greatly!  Keep making a difference and keep inspiring trust – it changes everything”!~ Stephen M.R. Covey – Author of “The Speed of Trust – The One Thing That Changes Everything”.
Annie Armen Testimonial | Dr. John Demartini | “There is no question in my mind that The
Annie Armen Show is one of the most SPIRIT LED programs I've ever experienced. God speaks through Annie, God inspires me, and God's Love through Annie touches millions of lives. Thank You Annie, and Thank God”.  ~ Dr. John DeMartini, Author of “How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get To Heaven”  – From Hit Movie “The Secret”
Annie Armen Speaking Testimonial | Dr. Ivan Misner | “Annie Armen is part of the 29% Solution!   Over
the last several years I have done over 700 radio, TV, and newspaper interviews and I can honestly say that Annie is one of the most prepared interviewers I have ever worked with.  Her talk show is lively, interesting, and entertaining.  I love her “AnnieBiotics” and I plan on mentioning it in one of my future books”! ~ Ivan Misner, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman – BNI –Business Network International, Author of “Masters of Success”.
Annie Armen Testimonial | Jewel Diamond Taylor |

"AnnieBiotics is going to kill that infection of failure, that infection of procrastination, and I believe what Annie is doing is so powerful because it’s quality, helpful, practical and inspirational.  Annie understands that business and professional etiquette, and that there must be a balance.  Annie has a passion which I appreciate and honor in her because she is making a difference! ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor, Inspirational Speaker, Author of “You Are Too Blessed To Be Stressed”!

Annie Armen Testimonial | Dr. Joseph Michelli | “Annie Armen, first let me thank you for the media coverage you extended to me and my last book The Starbucks Experience. As a result of your efforts, that book achieved bestseller status on Business Week, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal lists.

Annie Armen is all five of these principles:

Make it Your Own, not to imitate someone else’sFormula for success.  Annie Armen has made this radio show her own. She’s carved out her niche on the radio.

Everything matters.   Her passion for doing this, her preparation before we came to the show, her willingness to really get to know me … she didn’t do this cold, everything matters.

Surprise and Delight – Annie Armen is the same person everyday that people want to listen to.  They understand what she has to say, she is consistent, she does not shift from one place to another, and yet she surprises them by bringing in new guests, new ideas.

Embrace Resistance – Annie Armen has been really open to resistance. The universe has to resist some of the moves that she’s made. And yet she’s listened to what needs to happen in the universe in order to be the voice for the voiceless.

Leave Your Mark -- Annie Armen has left her mark on the lives of everyone she’s touched and she’s an example of how these five principles apply”. ~Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., author of “The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary CustomerExperience Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company”.

Annie Armen Client Testimonial | Think TQ |


Annie Armen Legends in Excellence CD |

“Annie Armen is truly the HEART of Legends in Excellence

She is the best ‘verbal visualizer’ I have ever met... a true talent for helping people see through listening... Annie uses her God-given talents to help listeners not only see, but believe what they are hearing through high-energy, creative verbal visualization.  Her approach is honest, fresh and most of all fun!

I have been on, quite literally, hundreds of radio shows over the years, but not a one holds a candle to her luminescent ability to guide an interview down the path to a point... that point of true excitement that emanates from a string of intellectually illuminating ‘Aha's’!

Annie is a true professional with the power to engage -- and sometimes, enrage -- the listener... helping them gain a fresh perspective on even the most complex subject matter.

Most of all, ‘The Hurricane’ is authentic -- the real deal”!  ~ E.R. Haas, CEO of Think TQ, Co-Author of “Success On Purpose,” Proud Publisher of Legends in Excellence™-- The Series

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Why Annie Armen Communications Services Overview | Speaking - Writing - Consulting |

Annie Armen Client Testimonial | Don Farrell |
Annie Armen Client Testimonial | Fresh Revenues |
Why Annie Armen

Annie Armen is The Communications Artist!
I have gotten to know Annie Armen very well for the past 3 years and I know unique talent when I see it. I hired Annie to take on a rigorous book project for me that very few people could have done, comprising over 650 pages written by -- here's the challenging part -- 31 contributing authors, including hers; 22 of the 31 contributing authors never wrote a book or even a chapter before, yet experts at what they do.

Annie Armen pulled it off in spades, beyond my expectations!  She not only edited the whole book, she managed the entire project, coached authors, made the chapters flow intelligently and lucidly, maintained each respective writer’s essence and personal style, authored a chapter and as if that wasn't enough, she also found 5 other key, business disciplines that were not written about and brought those authors to the table for the ultimate topper.  Thanks to Annie’s relentless help and execution, I now have a book that will drive revenues to my speaking, consulting and training business.

Whether it involves managing a book project, leading a team, editing, writing, coaching, providing key insights with directional edge that makes a statement and sells, being interviewed by Annie over the radio, or delivering a speech with conviction on her impactful methods for conveying key cultural disciplines in any environment – Annie Armen is The Communications Artist who stands out with her exceptional abilities.

Refreshingly Honest, strong, sound convictions and beliefs, personally and professionally experienced, passionate, while having a good heart and strong character … I highly endorse Annie Armen’s professional services.

~Don Farrell
Chief Cultivating Officer at Fresh Revenues
Author of Ethical Theft


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Annie Armen, The Communications Artist |

"Dive into your soul
Search and you will find
The answers to all your doubts
The priceless gift of who you are!
Don’t give up, believe in yourself,
You are blessed, to exist,
So put your talents to the test!

You are meant to be, can’t you see,
You have a legacy,
Unstoppable be!"
~ Annie Armen

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